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Type of Assistance Project Start Year* Type of Evaluation Evaluation Year Country Sector/Theme Project Name Report(PDF)
Full Text Summary Third Party Opinion
L2011Ex-Ante Evaluation2011CambodiaWater SupplySiem Reap Water Supply Expansion Project31KB
L2011Ex-Ante Evaluation2011CambodiaAgriculture / GeneralWest Tonle Sap Irrigation and Drainage Rehabilitation and Improvement Project119KB
L2009Ex-Ante Evaluation2009CambodiaPortsSihanoukville Port Multipurpose Terminal Development Project45KB
L2008Ex-Ante Evaluation2008CambodiaWater SupplyNiroth Water Supply Project70KB
L2007Ex-Ante Evaluation2007CambodiaDevelopment Planning / GeneralPoverty Reduction and Growth Operation (PRGO)24KB
L2007Ex-Ante Evaluation2007CambodiaIndustry / GeneralSihanoukville Port Special Economic Zone Development Project35KB
L2006Ex-Ante Evaluation2006CambodiaElectrical PowerGreater Mekong Power Network Development Project (Cambodia Growth Corridor)26KB
L2005Ex-Ante Evaluation2005CambodiaIndustry / GeneralSihanoukville Port Special Economic Zone Project (E/S)21KB
L2007Ex-Ante Evaluation2007ChinaUrban SanitationAnhui Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Project25KB
L2007Ex-Ante Evaluation2007ChinaEnvironment IssueGansu Province Lanzhou City Atmospheric Environmental Improvement Project25KB
L2007Ex-Ante Evaluation2007ChinaForestry / Forest PreservationHenan Province Nanyang City Environmental Improvement Project29KB
L2007Ex-Ante Evaluation2007ChinaUrban SanitationHunan Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Project26KB
L2007Ex-Ante Evaluation2007ChinaForestry / Forest PreservationQinghai Ecological Environmental Improvement Project32KB
L2007Ex-Ante Evaluation2007ChinaEnvironment Issue、Water Supply、SewerageXinjiang Environmental Improvement Project II32KB
L2006Ex-Ante Evaluation2006ChinaWater Supply、SewerageAnhui Water Environmental Improvement Project53KB
L2006Ex-Ante Evaluation2006ChinaWater Supply、SewerageGuangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Yulin City Water Environment Improvement Project21KB
L2006Ex-Ante Evaluation2006ChinaEnvironment Issue、Basic Healthcare、Higher EducationGuizhou Province Environment Improvement and Education Project24KB
L2006Ex-Ante Evaluation2006ChinaSewerageHeilongjiang Province Harbin City Water Environment Improvement Project22KB
L2006Ex-Ante Evaluation2006ChinaForestry / Forest PreservationHenan Province Afforestation Project23KB
L2006Ex-Ante Evaluation2006ChinaHigher EducationHigher Education Project24KB
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