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Type of Assistance Project Start Year* Type of Evaluation Evaluation Year Country Sector/Theme Project Name Report(PDF)
Full Text Summary Third Party Opinion
L2000Ex-post Evaluation2009ChinaRail TransportShuoxian-Huanghua Railway Construction Project (4)1MB
L2000Ex-post Evaluation2008ChinaWater SupplyTangshan Water Supply Project558KB
L2000Ex-post Evaluation2010ChinaUrban SanitationTianjin Wastewater Treatment Project1MB
L2000Ex-post Evaluation2011ChinaRail TransportWuhan Urban Railway Construction Project555KB
L2000Ex-post Evaluation2010ChinaAir Transport / AirportsXi'an Xianyang International Airport Terminal Expansion Project407KB
L2000Ex-post Evaluation2017ChinaEnvironment Issue、Water Supply、SewerageXinjiang Environmental Improvement Project (I)1MB
L2000Ex-post Evaluation2011ChinaRivers / Erosion ControlXinjiang Water-Saving Irrigation Project603KB
L2000Ex-post Evaluation2008ChinaWater SupplyYingkou Water Supply Project280KB
L1999Ex-post Evaluation2009ChinaEnvironment IssueBenxi Environmental Improvement Project (3)614KB
L1999Ex-post Evaluation2010ChinaWater SupplyChengdu Water Supply Project1MB
L1999Ex-post Evaluation2011ChinaEnvironment IssueChongqing Environment Model City Project(I)502KB
L1999Ex-post Evaluation2008ChinaWater SupplyChongqing Water Supply Project478KB
L1999Ex-post Evaluation2011ChinaEnvironment IssueDalian Environment Model City Project(I)383KB
L1999Ex-post Evaluation2009ChinaWater SupplyGuangxi Water Supply Project363KB
L1999Ex-post Evaluation2012ChinaEnvironment IssueGuiyang Environment Model City Project (1)1MB
L1999Ex-post Evaluation2015ChinaRivers / Erosion ControlHubei Urban Flood Control Project880KB
L1999Ex-post Evaluation2012ChinaRivers / Erosion ControlHunan Urban Flood Control Project1MB
L1999Ex-post Evaluation2013ChinaRivers / Erosion ControlJIANGXI URBAN FLOOD CONTROL PROJECT779KB
L1999Ex-post Evaluation2009ChinaWater SupplyJiangxi Water Supply Project286KB
L1999Ex-post Evaluation2010ChinaWater SupplyKunming Water Supply Project456KB
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