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(Type of Assistance = T:Technical Cooperation, L:ODA Loan, G:Grant Aid)
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Type of Assistance Project Start Year* Type of Evaluation Evaluation Year Country Sector/Theme Project Name Report(PDF)
Full Text Summary Third Party Opinion
T2010Terminal Evaluation2015UzbekistanHuman Resources / GeneralCapacity Development of Business Persons through Uzbekistan-Japan Center for Human Development 568KB
T2009Ex-post Evaluation2016UzbekistanAgriculture / GeneralProject for Water Management Improvement991KB
T2009Terminal Evaluation2012UzbekistanAgriculture / GeneralThe Project for Water Management Improvement 205KB
T2008Ex-post Evaluation2013UzbekistanBanking / FinanceImprovement of The Tax Administration of the Republic of Uzbekistan273KB
T2005Terminal Evaluation2009UzbekistanHuman Resources / GeneralUzbekistan-Japan Center for Human Development Project (PhaseGrant Aid) 55KB
T2005Ex-post Evaluation2015UzbekistanHuman Resources / GeneralUzbekistan-Japan Center for Human Development (Phase 2)1MB
T2004Terminal Evaluation2008UzbekistanHealth / Health CareNursing Education Improvement Project 190KB
T2004Ex-post Evaluation2012UzbekistanHealth / Health CareThe Nursing Education Improvement Project371KB
T2000Terminal Evaluation2005UzbekistanHuman Resources / GeneralUzbekistan-Japan Center for Human Development Project 123KB
L2021Ex-Ante Evaluation2021UzbekistanBanking / Finance、Electrical Power、Other EnergyDevelopment Policy Support Program287KB
L2020Ex-Ante Evaluation2020UzbekistanBanking / Finance、Health / Health CareCOVID-19 Crisis Response Emergency Support Loan297KB
L2019Ex-Ante Evaluation2019UzbekistanElectrical PowerElectric Power Sector Capacity Development Project Phase 2169KB
L2019Ex-Ante Evaluation2019UzbekistanAgriculture / GeneralHorticulture Value Chain Promotion Project158KB
L2019Ex-Ante Evaluation2019UzbekistanElectrical PowerNavoi Thermal Power Plant Modernization Project (Phase 2)273KB
L2015Ex-Ante Evaluation2015UzbekistanElectrical PowerTashkent Thermal Power Cogeneration Plant Construction Project150KB
L2014Ex-Ante Evaluation2014UzbekistanAgriculture / GeneralAmu-Bukhara Irrigation System Rehabilitation Project143KB
L2014Ex-Ante Evaluation2014UzbekistanElectrical PowerElectric Power Sector Capacity Development Project140KB
L2014Ex-Ante Evaluation2014UzbekistanElectrical PowerTurakurgan Thermal Power Station Construction Project89KB
L2013Ex-Ante Evaluation2013UzbekistanElectrical PowerNavoi Thermal Power Station Modernization Project125KB
L2010Ex-Ante Evaluation2010UzbekistanElectrical PowerTalimarjan Thermal Power Station Extension Project64KB
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