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Type of Assistance Project Start Year* Type of Evaluation Evaluation Year Country Sector / Theme Project Name Report(PDF)
Full Text Summary Third Party Opinion
T2003Ex-post Evaluation2008BrazilAgriculture / GeneralStrengthening of the Agricultural Techinical Support System to Small-Scale Farmers in Tocantins State583KB
T2003Terminal Evaluation2005BrazilAgriculture / GeneralStrengthening the Agricultural Technical Support System to Small-Scale Farmers in Tocantins State Project 93KB
T2003Ex-post Evaluation2011BrazilHealth / Health CareThe Healthy Municipality Project in the Northeast Brazil272KB
T2003Terminal Evaluation2008BrazilHealth / Health CareThe Healthy Municipality Project in the Northeast Brazil 479KB
T2002Ex-post Evaluation2008BrazilForestry / Forest PreservationCerrado Ecosystem Conservation Project294KB
T2002Terminal Evaluation2005BrazilForestry / Forest PreservationCerrado Ecosystem Conservation Project The Paraña-Pirineus Cerrado Ecological Corridor. 59KB
T2001Terminal Evaluation2005BrazilVocational TrainingCourse on Integrated Management of Productivity(Overseas Training)111KB
T2001Terminal Evaluation2004BrazilOther Welfare ServicesProject of Community Development through Training of Nursery Educators and Juvenile Centers - MAINUMBY PROJECT(Development Partnership Program)98KB
T2000Terminal Evaluation2003BrazilHealth / Health CareGeriatrics(Overseas Training)92KB
T1999Terminal Evaluation2003BrazilUrban SanitationCourse on Domestic Wastewater Treatment Techniques(Overseas Training)96KB
T1999Terminal Evaluation2002BrazilHealth / Health CareStudy of Poisonous Animals, Diagnosis and Treatment of Accidents Caused by Poisonous Animals and Production of Antivenoms(Overseas Training)90KB
T1999Terminal Evaluation2002BrazilUrban TransportUrban Railway Transport System(Overseas Training)99KB
T1998Terminal Evaluation2002BrazilHealth / Health CareStrengthening on the Most Advanced Gastroenterological Diagnosis Training Course(Overseas Training)91KB
T1998Terminal Evaluation2006BrazilAgriculture / GeneralThe Technological Development Project for Sustainable Agriculture in the Eastern Amazon. 41KB
T1998Terminal Evaluation2001BrazilUrban TransportUrban Transport Human Resources Development Project94KB
T1997Terminal Evaluation2001BrazilHealth / Health CareThe Clinical Research Project of State University of Campinas92KB
T1996Terminal Evaluation2001BrazilMachine Tool IndustryQuality Improvement of Foundry Technology in Small and Medium Scale Industry95KB
T1996Terminal Evaluation2001BrazilAgriculture / GeneralThe Research Project on Small-Scale Horticulture in Southern Brazil92KB
L2023Ex-Ante Evaluation2028BrazilHealth / Health CareMedical Access Enhancement Project159KB
L2023Ex-Ante Evaluation2023BrazilEnvironment IssueProject for Climate Change Investment Promotion162KB