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Type of Assistance Project Start Year* Type of Evaluation Evaluation Year Country Sector / Theme Project Name Report(PDF)
Full Text Summary Third Party Opinion
T2010Ex-post Evaluation2020AlgeriaNew / Renewable EnergySahara Solar Energy Research Center Project374KB
T2010Terminal Evaluation2015AlgeriaNew / Renewable EnergySahara Solar Energy Research Center Project 424KB
T2005Ex-post Evaluation2012AlgeriaEnvironment IssueCapacity Development of Environmental Administration152KB
T2005Terminal Evaluation2008AlgeriaEnvironment IssueCapacity Development of Environmental Administration in Algeria 63KB
L2005Ex-post Evaluation2012AlgeriaEducationEarthquake-Affected Education Sector Reconstruction Project387KB
G2005Ex-post Evaluation2012AlgeriaFisheriesProject for Improvement of Training Equipment for the Institute of Technology of Fisheries and Aquaculture of Alger366KB