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Consultation Desk on Anti-Corruption

In order to prevent fraud and corruption in Official Development Assistance (ODA), we offer consultation services for companies and personnel that face a risk of becoming involved in fraud and/or corruption concerning Japan’s ODA projects.

After receiving such information, JICA, in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, will take necessary measures in accordance with set procedures.

The information you submit will be strictly protected, and personal information will never be disclosed to the public. However, depending on contents of the consultation, we may have to share the provided information with relevant departments within JICA or with the Japanese government, or use the information when conferring with the partner government concerned. Informant protection is a condition for such information sharing, and you will not experience disadvantage for it.

The consultation desk also accepts information related to fraudulent practices as defined in JICA’s Rules on Measures.

If you are an employee of the business where the reported incident occurred, a worker assigned to such business by a staffing agency, or an employee of a customer/service provider of such business, you will be notified of measures taken as a result – except when the notification would hinder appropriate business execution or violate any stakeholder’s privacy, credit, honor, etc. In principle, we will not report investigation results, etc. to information providers who do not fall into the categories above.

*For more information about JICA’s Compliance and Anti-corruption.

*Please note that if the reported information is an opinion or complaint in general, it may be forwarded to a more suitable department.

*Please complete all required items, otherwise your message cannot be sent.

3. Name of the country and JICA project in which fraudulent practices occurred or may occur

11. If your category in Item 1 is (2) 'report of fraudulent practices,' please provide the information below.
Example: 2020/08/01, 2020/08
Example: 2020/08/01, 2020/08

*You can only fill in up to 2000 characters in Item 9, 10 and 11(5),(6). If you need to give us more information, please mention about it when you complete the items.

*This page uses SSL encryption to protect the safety of personal information through transmission.

The information provided above will be used to prevent fraud and/or corruption in JICA projects and to investigate the possibility of fraudulent activities. Personal information provided will not be used for any other purposes.

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Inquiry on the Consultation Desk on Anti-Corruption

1. Legal Affairs Division, General Affairs Department, JICA Headquarters
Email: gatla-condesk@jica.go.jp

2. JICA Overseas Offices also accept consultation on fraud and corruption.

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