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Type of Assistance Project Start Year* Type of Evaluation Evaluation Year Country Sector/Theme Project Name Report(PDF)
Full Text Summary Third Party Opinion
L2017Ex-Ante Evaluation2017PakistanElectrical PowerIslamabad and Burhan Transmission Line Reinforcement Project (Phase 1)78KB
L2016Ex-Ante Evaluation2016PakistanHealth / Health CarePolio Eradication Project (Phase 2)127KB
L2015Ex-Ante Evaluation2015PakistanElectrical PowerEnergy Sector Reform Program (II)163KB
L2014Ex-Ante Evaluation2014PakistanDevelopment Planning / General、Energy / GeneralEnergy Sector Reform Program127KB
L2011Ex-post Evaluation2017PakistanElectrical PowerEnergy Sector Reform Program (II)604KB
L2011Ex-Ante Evaluation2011PakistanBanking / FinanceMicrofinance project in Pakistan (Investment project under the Private Sector Investment Finance)154KB
L2011Ex-post Evaluation2016PakistanHealth / Health CarePolio Eradication Project659KB
L2011Ex-Ante Evaluation2011PakistanHealth / Health CarePolio Eradication Project191KB
L2011Ex-post Evaluation2018PakistanBanking / FinancePrivate Sector Investment Finance for the First MicroFinance Bank-Pakistan332KB
L2010Ex-Ante Evaluation2010PakistanDevelopment Planning / General、Disaster Relief AssistanceEmergency Import Support Loan88KB
L2010Ex-post Evaluation2017PakistanDevelopment Planning / General、Energy / General、Electrical PowerEnergy Sector Reform Program604KB
L2010Ex-Ante Evaluation2010PakistanRoads、Disaster Relief AssistanceKhyber Pakhtunkhwa Emergency Rural Road Rehabilitation Project99KB
L2009Ex-Ante Evaluation2009PakistanElectrical PowerNational Transmission Lines and Grid Stations Strengthening Project48KB
L2008Ex-Ante Evaluation2008PakistanRoadsEast-West Road Improvement Project (N-70) (I)24KB
L2008Ex-Ante Evaluation2008PakistanAgricultural Engineering、Agriculture / GeneralPunjab Irrigation System Improvement Project26KB
L2008Ex-Ante Evaluation2008PakistanElectrical PowerPunjab Transmission Lines and Grid Stations Project (I)33KB
L2008Ex-Ante Evaluation2008PakistanRoadsRural Roads Construction Project (II) (Sindh)82KB
L2006Ex-Ante Evaluation2006PakistanElectrical PowerDadu-Khuzdar Transmission System Project81KB
L2006Ex-Ante Evaluation2006PakistanRoadsIndus Highway Construction Project (III)24KB
L2006Ex-post Evaluation2017PakistanRoadsRural Roads Construction Project (II) (Sindh)925KB
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