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Type of Assistance Project Start Year* Type of Evaluation Evaluation Year Country Sector / Theme Project Name Report(PDF)
Full Text Summary Third Party Opinion
T2010Terminal Evaluation2015(Asia)Air Transport / AirportsThe Project for the Capacity Development for Transition to the New CNS/ATM Systems in Cambodia, Lao PDR and Vietnam 359KB
T2007Ex-post Evaluation2015(Asia)Higher EducationAsean University Network/Southeast Asia Engineering Education Development Network Phase 2952KB
T2002Ex-post Evaluation2015(Asia)Higher EducationAsean University Network/Southeast Asia Engineering Education Development Network (Aun/Seed-Net)952KB
T2010Terminal Evaluation2015AfghanistanPrimary EducationProject on Improvement of Literacy Education Management in Afghanistan (LEAF 2) 723KB
T2005Ex-post Evaluation2015AfghanistanRegional Development PlanningInter-Communal Rural Development Project470KB
T2010Terminal Evaluation2015AlgeriaNew / Renewable EnergySahara Solar Energy Research Center Project 424KB
T2011Terminal Evaluation2015BangladeshHealth / Health CareSafe Motherhood Promotion Project(Phase 2)132KB
T2011Terminal Evaluation2015BangladeshHealth / Health CareThe Project for Research and Development of Prevention and Diagnosis for Neglected Tropical Diseases, especially Kala-Azar 406KB
T2007Ex-post Evaluation2015BangladeshAgricultural EngineeringStrengthening of Activities in Rural Development Engineering Centre (RDEC) Project Phase II208KB
T2006Ex-post Evaluation2015BangladeshUrban SanitationProject for Strengthening of Solid Waste Management in Dhaka City245KB
T2008Ex-post Evaluation2015BoliviaWater SupplyWater is Health and Life (Phase 2)605KB
T2003Ex-post Evaluation2015BoliviaEducationThe Quality Improvement of Primary School Education (PROMECA: Proyecto de Mejoramiento de la Calidad de la Enseñanza Escolar)410KB
T2011Terminal Evaluation2015Burkina FasoPrimary EducationProject of Teacher Training Improvement in Science and Mathematics at Primary Level Phase II169KB
T2007Ex-post Evaluation2015Burkina FasoForestry / Forest PreservationParticipatory and Sustainable Forest Management in the Province of Comoe534KB
T2007Ex-post Evaluation2015Burkina FasoAgriculture / GeneralProject for Dissemination of Improved Seeds471KB
T2012Terminal Evaluation2015CambodiaElectrical PowerProject for Improvement of Transmission System Operation and Maintenance 376KB
T2011Terminal Evaluation2015CambodiaForestry / Forest PreservationProject for Facilitating the Implementation of REDD+ Strategy and Policy826KB
T2011Terminal Evaluation2015CambodiaHigher EducationThe Project for Educational Capacity Development of the Institute of Technology of Cambodia 831KB
T2009Ex-post Evaluation2015CambodiaHuman Resources / GeneralCambodia-Japan Cooperation Center (Phase 2)1MB
T2009Ex-post Evaluation2015CambodiaRoadsThe Project for Strengthening of Construction Quality Control370KB