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Type of Assistance Project Start Year* Type of Evaluation Evaluation Year Country Sector / Theme Project Name Report(PDF)
Full Text Summary Third Party Opinion
T2010Terminal Evaluation2012BeninFisheriesThe Project for Extension of Inland Aquaculture in Benin (PROVAC) 48KB
G2016Ex-post Evaluation2021BeninWater Resources DevelopmentProject for Access Improvement to Drinking Water in Two Communes, Glazoue and Dassa-Zoume622KB
G2012Ex-post Evaluation2018BeninPrimary EducationProject for Construction of Public Primary Schools in Benin (Phase V)474KB
G2011Ex-post Evaluation2016BeninPrimary EducationThe Project of Reinforcement of Capacity of Djougou Teacher Training School355KB
G2009Ex-post Evaluation2014BeninWater Resources DevelopmentThe Project for Rural Water Supply (Phase VI)436KB
G2007Ex-post Evaluation2014BeninEducationThe Project for Construction of Primary Schools in the Republic of Benin (Phase IV)353KB
G2007Ex-post Evaluation2012BeninHealth / Health CareThe Project of Reinforcement of Lagune Mother and Child Hospital of Cotonou230KB
G2004Ex-post Evaluation2011BeninWater SupplyThe Project for Rural Water Supply (Phase V)Projet d'approvisionnement en eau potable dans la région rurale (Phase V) 231KB
G2003Ex-post Evaluation2009BeninFisheriesThe Project of the Improvement of Fishery Port in Cotonou75KB
G1996Terminal Evaluation2002BeninEducationProject for Primary School Construction88KB
G1996Terminal Evaluation2002BeninEducationProject for Primary School Construction88KB