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Type of Assistance Project Start Year* Type of Evaluation Evaluation Year Country Sector/Theme Project Name Report(PDF)
Full Text Summary Third Party Opinion
T2014Terminal Evaluation2018LaosHealth / Health CareThe Project for Development Innovative Research Technique in Genetic Epidemiology of Malaria and Other Parasitic Diseases in Lao PDR for Containment of Their Expanding Endemicity 160KB
T2013Terminal Evaluation2015LaosAgriculture / GeneralLao Organic Agriculture Promotion Project 160KB
T2012Terminal Evaluation2015LaosPrimary EducationProject for Supporting Community Initiative for Education Development (Phase 2) 485KB
T2012Mid-Term Review2014LaosWater SupplyThe Capacity Development Project for Improvement of Management Ability of Water Supply Authorities470KB
T2011Terminal Evaluation2015LaosGovernment / GeneralProject for Establishing Public Investment Plan under NSEDP (PCAP3) 152KB
T2011Terminal Evaluation2015LaosHealth / Health CareSustainable Development of Human Resources for Health to improve Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health Services in Lao PDR 141KB
T2010Terminal Evaluation2015LaosHealth / Health CareCapacity Development for Sector-wide Coordination in Health Phase 2328KB
T2010Terminal Evaluation2014LaosHuman Resources / GeneralCapacity Development of Business Persons through Laos-Japan Human Resource Development Institute 330KB
T2010Terminal Evaluation2013LaosForestry / Forest PreservationForestry Sector Capacity Development Project (FSCAP) 1MB
T2010Ex-post Evaluation2018LaosDevelopment Planning / GeneralLaos Pilot Program for Narrowing the Development Gap towards ASEAN Integration (LPP)510KB
T2010Terminal Evaluation2015LaosFisheriesLivelihood Improvement Project for Southern Mountainous and Plateau Areas246KB
T2010Terminal Evaluation2015LaosAgriculture / GeneralParticipatory Irrigated Agriculture Development Project in Southern Area along the Mekong River 143KB
T2010Terminal Evaluation2012LaosElectrical PowerProject for Improvement of Power Sector Management 346KB
T2010Ex-post Evaluation2017LaosRivers / Erosion ControlProject on Riverbank Protection Works Phase II982KB
T2010Terminal Evaluation2014LaosHealth / Health CareStrengthening Integrated Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health Services in Lao PDR 312KB
T2010Ex-post Evaluation2016LaosElectrical PowerThe Project for Improvement of Power Sector Management407KB
T2009Terminal Evaluation2013LaosPrimary EducationImproving In-service Teacher Training for Science and Mathematics Education (ITSME) 363KB
T2009Terminal Evaluation2013LaosForestry / Forest PreservationParticipatory Land and Forest Management Project for Reducing Deforestation in Lao PDR 171KB
T2009Ex-post Evaluation2017LaosPrimary EducationProject for Improving In-service Teacher Training for Science and Mathematics Education340KB
T2008Terminal Evaluation2013LaosCommunications / Broadcasting / GeneralHuman Resource Development in IT Service Industry at NUOL 353KB
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