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Type of Assistance Project Start Year* Type of Evaluation Evaluation Year Country Sector / Theme Project Name Report(PDF)
Full Text Summary Third Party Opinion
T2003Terminal Evaluation2008NepalAgriculture / GeneralAgricultural Training and Extension Improvement Project (ATEIP) 412KB
T2003Terminal Evaluation2009NepalPrimary EducationCommunity-based Alternative Schooling Project 417KB
T2003Ex-post Evaluation2012NepalPrimary EducationCommunty-based Alternative Schooling Project330KB
T2000Ex-post Evaluation2008NepalHealth / Health CareCommunity Tuberculosis and Lung Health Project519KB
T1999Ex-post Evaluation2008NepalForestry / Forest PreservationCommunity Development and Forest/Watershed Conservation Phase 2598KB
T1999Ex-post Evaluation2009NepalRivers / Erosion ControlDisaster Mitigation Support Program Project (DMSP)45KB
T1999Terminal Evaluation2002NepalSericultureMini-Project-Type Technical Cooperation for Sericulture Promotion95KB
L2022Ex-Ante Evaluation2022NepalIndustry / General、Business ManagementImpact Investment Promotion Project177KB
L2022Ex-Ante Evaluation2022NepalElectrical PowerUrban Transmission and Distribution System Improvement Project417KB
L2021Ex-Ante Evaluation2021NepalDevelopment Planning / GeneralThe Policy Loan for Economic Growth and Resilience286KB
L2016Ex-Ante Evaluation2016NepalRoadsNagdhunga Tunnel Construction Project110KB
L2015Ex-Ante Evaluation2015NepalHousing、Disaster Relief AssistanceEmergency Housing Reconstruction Project125KB
L2015Ex-Ante Evaluation2015NepalEducation、Disaster Relief AssistanceEmergency School Reconstruction Project126KB
L2012Ex-Ante Evaluation2012NepalElectrical PowerTanahu Hydropower Project71KB
L1996Ex-post Evaluation2009NepalElectrical PowerKali Gandaki 'A' Hydroelectric Project509KB
L1987Ex-post Monitoring2006NepalChemical IndustryUdaipur Cement Project181KB
G2016Ex-post Evaluation2022NepalHealth / Health CareProject for Improvement of Medical Equipment in Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital553KB
G2016Ex-post Evaluation2022NepalDisaster Relief AssistanceThe Program for Rehabilitation and Recovery from Nepal Earthquake1001KB
G2014Ex-post Evaluation2019NepalElectrical PowerThe Project for Micro-Hydropower Improvement in Western Area462KB
G2012Ex-post Evaluation2017NepalRoadsThe Project for Countermeasure Construction for the Landslides on Sindhuli Road Section II365KB