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Type of Assistance Project Start Year* Type of Evaluation Evaluation Year Country Sector / Theme Project Name Report(PDF)
Full Text Summary Third Party Opinion
T2011Ex-post Evaluation2019CameroonAgriculture / GeneralEstablishment of Sustainable Livelihood Strategies and Natural Resource Management in Tropical Rain Forest and Its Surrounding Areas of Cameroon: Integrating the Global Environmental Concerns with Local Livelihood Needs395KB
T2011Ex-post Evaluation2021CameroonSocial Infrastructure / GeneralThe Project on Magmatic Fluid Supply into Lakes Nyos and Monoun and Mitigation of Natural Disasters through Capacity Building in Cameroon808KB
T2011Terminal Evaluation2013CameroonAgriculture / GeneralUpland Rice Development Project of the Tropical Forest Zone64KB
L2017Ex-Ante Evaluation2017CameroonRoadsYaounde - Brazzaville International Corridor Development Project (Mintom-Lele Section)312KB
L2014Ex-Ante Evaluation2015CameroonRoadsBatchenga - Lena Road Project102KB
L2010Ex-Ante Evaluation2010CameroonElectrical PowerStrengthen and Extend the Electricity Transmission and Distribution Networks93KB
L2008Ex-Ante Evaluation2008CameroonRoadsTransport Facilitation Program for the Bemenda-Mamfe-Ekok/Mfum-Abakaliki-Enugu Corridor58KB
L1987Ex-post Monitoring2010CameroonPortsDouala Port Container Terminal Modernization Project207KB
G2012Ex-post Evaluation2017CameroonWater Resources DevelopmentThe Project for Rural Water Supply (Phase V)504KB
G2009Ex-post Evaluation2017CameroonEducationThe 5th Project for Construction of Primary Schools2MB
G2008Ex-post Evaluation2013CameroonPrimary EducationProject for the Construction of Primary Schools (Phase IV)660KB
G2007Ex-post Evaluation2011CameroonCommunications / Broadcasting / GeneralThe Project for Improvement of Radio Broadcasting Equipment (Projet d'aménagement de l'équipement pour la radiodiffusion)287KB
G2006Ex-post Evaluation2011CameroonWater Resources DevelopmentProject for Rural Water Supply (Phase IV)(Projet d'hydraulique rurale (Phase IV))138KB
G2004Ex-post Evaluation2009CameroonFisheriesThe Project for the Improvement of Small-scale Fishery Center90KB
G2004Ex-post Evaluation2010CameroonEducationThe Third Project for Construction of Primary Schools1MB