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Type of Assistance Project Start Year* Type of Evaluation Evaluation Year Country Sector / Theme Project Name Report(PDF)
Full Text Summary Third Party Opinion
L2022Ex-Ante Evaluation2022BrazilAgriculture / GeneralProject for Rehabilitation of Distribution Network in Northeastern Area139KB
L2021Ex-Ante Evaluation2021BrazilHealth / Health CareHealthcare Sector Enhancement Project190KB
L2021Ex-Ante Evaluation2021BrazilBanking / FinanceMSME Financial Access Improvement Project257KB
L2020Ex-Ante Evaluation2020BrazilElectrical PowerNortheastern Clean Electrification Project259KB
L2019Ex-Ante Evaluation2019BrazilElectrical PowerDistributed Solar Power Generation System Project109KB
L2019Ex-Ante Evaluation2019BrazilPulp / Wood ProductsProject for Supporting the Sustaina ble Forest Products Industry95KB
L2018Ex-Ante Evaluation2018BrazilAgriculture / GeneralAgriculture Supply Chain Enhancement Project103KB
L2012Ex-Ante Evaluation2012BrazilUrban TransportBelem Metropolitan Trunk Bus System Project224KB
L2011Ex-post Evaluation2016BrazilSewerage、Water SupplySanitation Improvement Project for Baixada Santista Metropolitan Region (II)1MB
L2010Ex-Ante Evaluation2010BrazilSewerageEnvironmental Improvement Project in the Basin of Lake Billings87KB
L2009Ex-Ante Evaluation2009BrazilSewerageSanitation Improvement Project for Santa Catarina Coastal Region47KB
L2004Ex-post Evaluation2016BrazilSewerage、Water SupplySanitation Improvement Project for Baixada Santista Metropolitan Region (I)1MB
L2003Ex-post Evaluation2013BrazilAgricultural EngineeringNortheast Water Resources Development Project1MB
L1997Ex-post Evaluation2011BrazilWater Supply、Sewerage、Urban SanitationParana State Environmental Improvement Project2MB
L1995Ex-post Evaluation2008BrazilRivers / Erosion Control、Water SupplyTiete River Basin Depollution Project2MB
L1993Ex-post Evaluation2012BrazilSewerageGuanabara Bay Basin Sewerage System Construction Project953KB
L1991Ex-post Monitoring2005BrazilAgricultural EngineeringNortheast Irrigation Project124KB156KB