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Type of Assistance Project Start Year* Type of Evaluation Evaluation Year Country Sector / Theme Project Name Report(PDF)
Full Text Summary Third Party Opinion
T1999Terminal Evaluation2001TongaFisheriesSustainable Use of Coral Reef Fisheries Resources(Overseas Training)123KB
G2015Ex-post Evaluation2021TongaPortsThe Project for Upgrading of Wharf for Domestic Transport646KB
G2012Ex-post Evaluation2018TongaNew / Renewable Energy、Electrical PowerThe Project for Introduction of a Micro-Grid System with Renewable Energy for the Tonga Energy Road Map706KB
G2009Ex-post Evaluation2017TongaNew / Renewable EnergyThe Project for Introduction of Clean Energy by Solar Home System590KB
G2009Ex-post Evaluation2014TongaHealth / Health CareThe Project for Upgrading and Refurbishment of Vaiola Hospital (Phase II)571KB
G2008Ex-post Evaluation2013TongaWater Transport / ShipsThe Project for Construction of the Inter-Islands Vessel494KB
G2004Ex-post Evaluation2010TongaHealth / Health CareThe Project for Upgrading and Refurbishment of Vaiola Hospital482KB