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Type of Assistance Project Start Year* Type of Evaluation Evaluation Year Country Sector / Theme Project Name Report(PDF)
Full Text Summary Third Party Opinion
T2012Terminal Evaluation2017(Asia)Higher EducationASEAN University Network/Southeast Asia Engineering Education Development Network (AUN/SEED-Net) Project Phase 3 145KB
T2013Terminal Evaluation2017BangladeshGovernment / GeneralThe Strengthening Paurashava Governance Project (SPGP) 527KB
T2012Terminal Evaluation2017BangladeshAgricultural EngineeringCapacity Development Project for Participatory Water Resources Management through Integrated Rural Development 280KB
T2012Ex-post Evaluation2017BangladeshSocial Infrastructure / GeneralThe Project for Developing Inclusive City Governance for City Corporation633KB
T2010Terminal Evaluation2017BangladeshPrimary EducationStrengthening the Capacity of Teacher Training at Primary Teachers Training Institutes to Improve Classroom Teaching 353KB
T2009Ex-post Evaluation2017BangladeshMeasurement / MapBangladesh Digital Mapping Assistance Project1MB
T2009Ex-post Evaluation2017BangladeshWeather / EarthquakesProject on Development of Human Capacity on Operation of Weather Analysis and Forecasting340KB
T2009Ex-post Evaluation2017BhutanWeather / EarthquakesStudy on GLOFs (Glacial Lake Outburst Floods) in the Bhutan Himalayas445KB
T2013Terminal Evaluation2017BoliviaHealth / Health CareMaternal and Child Health Network Improvement Project in Potosi 604KB
T2010Ex-post Evaluation2017BoliviaHealth / Health CareProject for Strengthening Health Network in Rural Region Focusing on Mother and Child Health390KB
T2009Ex-post Evaluation2017BoliviaAgriculture / GeneralProject of Establishment of Implementation System of Sustainable Rural Development Phase 2939KB
T2009Ex-post Evaluation2017BoliviaAgriculture / GeneralProject of Value-added Agriculture and Forestry for Improvement of the Livelihood of Small scale farmers in Northern La Paz1MB
T2011Ex-post Evaluation2017BrazilAgriculture / GeneralProject for Capacity Development of Post-harvest and Marketing Practices in Jaiba Region386KB
T2009Ex-post Evaluation2017Burkina FasoPrimary EducationSchool Management Committee Support Project446KB
T2011Ex-post Evaluation2017CambodiaUrban TransportProject for Comprehensive Urban Transport Planning in Phnom Penh Capital City426KB
T2010Ex-post Evaluation2017CambodiaAgriculture / GeneralAgricultural Productivity Promotion Project in West Tonle Sap314KB
T2009Ex-post Evaluation2017CambodiaDevelopment Planning / GeneralThe Project for Capacity Development for Implementing the Organic Law at Capital & Provincial Level312KB
T2009Ex-post Evaluation2017CambodiaHealth / Health CareThe Project on Strengthening of Medical Equipment Management in Referral Hospitals514KB
T2006Ex-post Evaluation2017CambodiaAgriculture / GeneralBattambang Rural Area Nurturing and Development (BRAND)261KB
T2003Ex-post Evaluation2017CambodiaAgricultural EngineeringThe Improvement of Agricultural River Basin Management & Development Project (TSC3)677KB