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Type of Assistance Project Start Year* Type of Evaluation Evaluation Year Country Sector / Theme Project Name Report(PDF)
Full Text Summary Third Party Opinion
T2002Ex-post Evaluation2016IndonesiaGovernment / GeneralThe Project on Enhancement of Civilian Police Activities1MB
T2000Ex-post Evaluation2010IndonesiaFisheriesFreshwater Aquaculture Development Project in Indonesia1MB
T1999Ex-post Evaluation2009IndonesiaHigher EducationThe Project for Strengthening of Polytechnic Education in Electric-related Technology209KB
T2005Ex-post Evaluation2015KazakhstanHuman Resources / GeneralKazakhstan-Japan Center for Human Development (Phase 2)532KB
T1999Ex-post Evaluation2008KazakhstanHealth / Health CareThe Project for the Improvement of Health Care Services in Semipalatinsk Region694KB
T2013Ex-post Evaluation2019Kyrgyz RepublicTransportation / Traffic / GeneralProject for Capacity Development for Maintenance Management of Bridges and Tunnels202KB
T2009Ex-post Evaluation2016Kyrgyz RepublicForestry / Forest PreservationThe Project for the Support for Joint Forest Management in the Kyrgyz Republic909KB
T2008Ex-post Evaluation2015Kyrgyz RepublicHuman Resources / GeneralKyrgyz Republic-Japan Center for Human Development (Phase 2)1MB
T2007Ex-post Evaluation2014Kyrgyz RepublicRoadsProject for the Capacity Building of Road Maintenance in the Kyrgyz Republic202KB
T2007Ex-post Evaluation2014Kyrgyz RepublicNew / Renewable EnergyThe Project for the Support for the Dissemination of Biogas Technologies341KB
T2006Ex-post Evaluation2014Kyrgyz RepublicRegional Development PlanningCommunity Empowerment Project in the Issyk-Kul Oblast379KB
T2004Ex-post Evaluation2011Kyrgyz RepublicInformation / Public RelationsIT Human Resource Development in the Kyrgyz Republic (National IT Center)487KB
T2003Ex-post Evaluation2015Kyrgyz RepublicHuman Resources / GeneralKyrgyz Republic-Japan Center for Human Development1MB
T2014Ex-post Evaluation2021LaosEnvironment IssueProject for Urban Water Environment Improvement in Vientiane Capital370KB
T2013Ex-post Evaluation2019LaosDevelopment Planning / GeneralProject for Urban Development Management384KB
T2012Ex-post Evaluation2020LaosPrimary EducationProject for Supporting Community Initiative for Education Development (Phase 2)478KB
T2011Ex-post Evaluation2019LaosGovernment / GeneralProject for Establishing Public Investment Plan under NSEDP (Phase 3 project)524KB
T2011Ex-post Evaluation2022LaosTransportation / Traffic / GeneralProject for Improvement of the Road Management Capability553KB
T2011Ex-post Evaluation2019LaosHealth / Health CareProject for Sustainable Development of Human Resources for Health to Improve Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health Services767KB
T2010Ex-post Evaluation2019LaosHealth / Health CareCapacity Development for Sector-wide Coordination in Health Phase 2364KB