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Type of Assistance Project Start Year* Type of Evaluation Evaluation Year Country Sector/Theme Project Name Report(PDF)
Full Text Summary Third Party Opinion
T2008Ex-post Evaluation2015IndonesiaGovernment / GeneralThe Strengthening of Environment Management Capacity of Local Governments in Indonesia758KB
T2008Ex-post Evaluation2014IndonesiaHealth / Health CareTuberculosis Control Project355KB
T2007Ex-post Evaluation2016IndonesiaHealth / Health CareProject for Improvement of District Health Management Capacity in South Sulawesi Province1MB
T2007Ex-post Evaluation2018IndonesiaGovernment / GeneralProject on Building Administration and Enforcement Capacity Development for Seismic Resilience346KB
T2007Ex-post Evaluation2014IndonesiaSecondary EducationProject on the Integrated Plan for Junior Secondary Education Improvement in South Sulawesi (PRIMA Pendidikan)180KB
T2007Ex-post Evaluation2016IndonesiaRegional Development PlanningSulawesi Capacity Development Project403KB
T2007Ex-post Evaluation2016IndonesiaGovernment / GeneralThe Project on Enhancement of Civilian Police Activities (Phase 2)1MB
T2007Ex-post Evaluation2011IndonesiaRegional Development PlanningThe Project on Self-Sustainable Community Empowerment Network Formulation in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam Province5MB
T2006Ex-post Evaluation2012IndonesiaHealth / Health CareProject for Ensuring Maternal and Child Health Service with MCH HB Phase II412KB
T2006Ex-post Evaluation2017IndonesiaHigher EducationProject for Research and Education Development on ICT in ITS (PREDICT-ITS) Phase 1192KB
T2006Ex-post Evaluation2016IndonesiaPrimary EducationStrengthening In-Service Teacher Training of Mathematics and Science Education at Junior Secondary Level (SISTTEMS)639KB
T2006Ex-post Evaluation2014IndonesiaLivestock IndustryThe Beef Cattle Development Project Utilizing Local Resources in the Eastern Part of Indonesia465KB
T2006Ex-post Evaluation2012IndonesiaPublic Utilities / GeneralThe Institutional Revitalization Project for Flood Management in JABODETABEK274KB
T2006Ex-post Evaluation2011IndonesiaHigher EducationThe Project for Improving Higher Education Institutions through University-Industry-Community Links (Hi-Link) in Gadjah Mada University235KB
T2005Ex-post Evaluation2009IndonesiaGovernment / GeneralHuman Resource Development for Local Governance Phase 258KB
T2004Ex-post Evaluation2011IndonesiaEducationRegional Education Development and Improvement Program (REDIP)609KB
T2004Ex-post Evaluation2011IndonesiaAgriculture / GeneralThe Empowerment of Water Users Associations Project84KB
T2004Ex-post Evaluation2012IndonesiaAgriculture / GeneralThe Project for Institutional Support for Food Security231KB
T2003Ex-post Evaluation2009IndonesiaGovernment / GeneralCommunity Empowerment Program with Civil Society in the Republic of Indonesia42KB
T2003Ex-post Evaluation2012IndonesiaEnvironment IssueGunung Halimun Salak National Park Management Project484KB
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