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(Type of Assistance = T:Technical Cooperation, L:ODA Loan, G:Grant Aid)
(Year* = Fiscal Year in Japan)
Type of Assistance Project Start Year* Type of Evaluation Evaluation Year Country Sector / Theme Project Name Report(PDF)
Full Text Summary Third Party Opinion
G2010Ex-post Evaluation2016Guinea-BissauFisheriesThe Project for Construction of Plant for Small Fisheries in Tombali Region311KB
G2008Ex-post Evaluation2013GuyanaWater Resources DevelopmentThe Project for Water Supply in Corriverton (Phase II)550KB
G2006Ex-post Evaluation2013GuyanaWater SupplyThe Project for Water Supply in Corriverton550KB
G2010Ex-post Evaluation2016HaitiRoadsProject for Improvement of Urban Roads and Drainage for Reconstruction of Leogane City673KB
G2013Ex-post Evaluation2017HondurasRoadsThe Project for Restoration of the Democracia Bridge314KB
G2012Ex-post Evaluation2019HondurasElectrical PowerMicro-Hydroelectric Power Generation Project in the Metropolitan area of Tegucigalpa311KB
G2011Ex-post Evaluation2016HondurasPublic Utilities / GeneralThe Project for Landslide Prevention in the Tegucigalpa Metropolitan Area856KB
G2007Ex-post Evaluation2013HondurasRoadsProject for Construction of the Japan-Central America Friendship Bridge1MB
G2007Ex-post Evaluation2012HondurasHealth / Health CareProject for improving San Felipe Hospital245KB
G2007Ex-post Evaluation2012HondurasRoadsThe Project for Reconstruction of Guaymon Bridge271KB
G2007Ex-post Evaluation2013HondurasWater SupplyUrgent Water Supply Project in Tegucigalpa570KB
G2006Ex-post Evaluation2010HondurasRoadsThe Project of the Rehabilitation of Agua Caliente Bridge216KB
G2006Ex-post Evaluation2010HondurasGovernment / GeneralThe strengthening of the fire-fighting capacity project234KB
G2005Ex-post Evaluation2010HondurasRoadsThe Project of the Reconstruction of the Las Hormigas Bridge216KB
G2004Ex-post Evaluation2009HondurasHealth / Health CareThe Project for Equipment of the Public Health Laboratories for Surveillance, Investigation and Control of Infectious Diseases45KB
G2013Ex-post Evaluation2019IndiaHealth / Health CareThe Project for Improvement of the Institute of Child Health and Hospital for Children, Chennai607KB
G2010Ex-post Evaluation2016IndiaEducationThe Project for Strengthening of Electronic Media Production Centre in Indira Gandhi National Open University1MB
G2006Ex-post Evaluation2011IndiaWater SupplyThe Project for the Development of Groundwater in the State of Uttar Pradesh342KB
G2005Ex-post Evaluation2010IndiaHealth / Health CareThe Project for Improvement Sardar Vallavbhai Patel Post Graduate Institute of Paediatrics in the State of Orissa214KB
G2004Ex-post Evaluation2010IndiaHealth / Health CareThe Project for Construction of Diarrheal Research and Control Centre454KB