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Type of Assistance Project Start Year* Type of Evaluation Evaluation Year Country Sector / Theme Project Name Report(PDF)
Full Text Summary Third Party Opinion
G2004Ex-post Evaluation2011IndonesiaAir Transport / AirportsThe Project for Improvement of the Security Equipment in Major Airports and Ports Facilities125KB
G2004Ex-post Evaluation2009IndonesiaElectrical PowerThe Project for Rehabilitation of Gresik Steam Power Plant Units 3 and 4450KB
G2003Ex-post Evaluation2009IndonesiaRoadsThe Project for Bridge Construction in the Central and North Sulawesi Provinces805KB
G2014Ex-post Evaluation2021JordanTourist Facilitiesthe Project for the Construction of the Petra Museum248KB
G2013Ex-post Evaluation2020JordanWater Supply、SewerageThe Programme for Urgent Improvement of Water Sector for the Host Communities of Syrian Refugees in Northern Governorates1MB
G2009Ex-post Evaluation2019JordanWater SupplyProject for Energy Conservation through UpgradingWater Supply Network in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan1MB
G2009Ex-post Evaluation2014JordanAir Transport / AirportsThe Project for Improvement of Airport Security Equipment at Queen Alia International Airport in Jordan241KB
G2006Ex-post Evaluation2012JordanWater SupplyThe Project for Improvement of the Water Supply for the Zarqa District (Phase II)15MB
G2006Ex-post Evaluation2012JordanHealth / Health CareThe Project for Improving Medical Equipment of Southern Region's Hospitals and Al-Bashir Hospital369KB
G2005Ex-post Evaluation2011JordanWater SupplyThe Project for the Improvement and Expansion of the Water Supply Networks in North/Middle Jordan Valley473KB
G2004Ex-post Evaluation2009JordanGovernment / GeneralThe Project for Developing Jordan Civil Defence Appliances in the South and North Regions in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan43KB
G2004Ex-post Evaluation2009JordanIndustry / GeneralThe Project for Improving the Quality of Products and Increasing the Competitiveness of the Industrial Sector in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan40KB
G2004Ex-post Evaluation2009JordanUrban SanitationThe Project for the Improvement of Solid Waste Management in the Greater Amman (Phase 2)40KB
G1999Terminal Evaluation2001JordanRoadsThe Project for Rehabilitation of Equipment for Central Workshop of Road Construction and Maintenance Machinery87KB
G2013Ex-post Evaluation2019KenyaWater SupplyThe Project for Augmentation of Water Supply System in Narok1040KB
G2013Ex-post Evaluation2018KenyaWater SupplyThe Project for Rural Water Supply in Baringo County410KB
G2011Ex-post Evaluation2016KenyaWater Supply、Water Resources DevelopmentThe Project for Rural Water Supply (Phase II)989KB
G2011Ex-post Evaluation2016KenyaHealth / Health CareThe Project for the Reinforcement of Vaccine Storage in Kenya480KB
G2011Ex-post Evaluation2016KenyaEducation、Secondary EducationThe Project for the Upgrading and Refurbishment of the Centre for Mathematics, Science and Technology Education in Africa512KB
G2010Ex-post Evaluation2014KenyaHealth / Health CareThe Project for HIV/AIDS Control in Kenya (III)592KB